Bask by Coffee?: Chennai’s Newest Cafe Invites You to Savor the Moment

bask by coffee

Nestled in Chennai’s heart, Bask by Coffee? emerges as a captivating haven that seamlessly blends community dining tables, tantalizing comfort cuisine, and advanced espresso marvels, all within the embrace of a converted bungalow. The allure of this café is not merely in its offerings, but in its earnest endeavor to foster connections and encourage visitors to linger, converse, and relish every moment.

Founder Nirav Shah’s vision for a sociable atmosphere manifests uniquely through the café’s centerpiece – a communal 24-seater table that instantly kindles conversations and camaraderie. Affectionately dubbed the “Swipe Right Table,” this innovative social hub is poised to unite patrons, turning strangers into friends while they indulge in the culinary delights of Bask.

The tale of Bask’s inception harkens back to 1999 when Nirav and his brothers Bhavesh and Pratik introduced a humble coffee shop named Coffee? on Greenways Road in Chennai. The establishment grew into a cherished gathering spot, bustling with friends and acquaintances, until it gracefully closed its doors in 2008. Fast forward to 2021, and Nirav, now an acclaimed cinematographer, along with Bhavesh and his wife Mona, embarked on a fresh culinary journey, opening ‘Coffee? since 1999’ – a nod to their past and an embrace of the present.

As the curtain rose on this new chapter, the trio adorned Bask with an array of cutting-edge amenities, including the exquisite Italian Sanremo Opera 2.O espresso machine, which delivers coffee with unparalleled finesse. Notably, the cafe boasts an assortment of brewing methods, from the elegant Chemex and V60 to the innovative Aeropress and Kalita – catering to discerning coffee aficionados.

Spanning over 5,000 square feet, Bask stands boldly against the backdrop of Chennai’s weather, providing ample outdoor seating for patrons to unwind. Nirav’s aspiration for Bask is unmistakable – to craft a casual haven that radiates with exceptional fare and invigorating coffee. The expansive open area is designed for versatility, hosting events like stand-up comedy and live music, while a serene shaded section beckons those seeking a tranquil retreat. Inside, air-conditioned comfort awaits, complete with semi-private rooms and a charming balcony upstairs.

At Bask, the concept of community resonates deeply. Just as Coffee? did before it, Bask beckons as a space for connections to flourish. Over sips of zesty cold brew and bites of creamy hummus paired with crispy sourdough toast, Mona shares how Coffee? became a cherished third space for patrons, a place to network, relax, and belong. Bask aspires to echo this sentiment, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere for all.

Chef Deepesh Attupurath Chandran, the culinary mastermind behind Coffee?, takes culinary prowess to new heights within Bask’s expansive kitchen. Enhanced space means amplified creativity, and Deepesh’s artistry shines through delectable creations, such as Norwegian salmon atop creamy cream cheese-slathered sourdough toast and the fiery Sichuan chicken enlivened with crackling chilies.

Bask by Coffee? doesn’t merely serve food; it crafts a culinary symphony that harmonizes with the joy of dining together. With each dish, a story unfolds, and each bite transports patrons to a realm of comfort and connection. As Nirav profoundly states, “We want to make you happy, serve delectable food, and create a haven you’ll yearn to return to.”

Prepare to bask in the charm of Bask by Coffee?, where the pursuit of happiness is accompanied by unforgettable flavors and memories. Open daily from 11 am to midnight, Bask awaits your arrival at 11/6, Kasturi Rangan Road, Kasturi Estate, Teynampet. Indulge in this enriching experience, where a meal for two costs approximately ₹1,500.

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