Revolutionizing Takeaway: BVK Biryani Unveils India’s First Automated Biryani ATM in Chennai

Bai Veetu Kalyanam ATM Biriyani Chennai

Biryani, an enduring favorite among Indian food enthusiasts, has solidified its reputation as a cherished culinary delight. The numbers affirm this delicious trend, as Biryani maintained its supremacy as the top choice on food delivery platforms in 2022.

Intriguingly, Zomato reported an astounding 186 biryani orders per minute on its app last year, while Swiggy recorded 137 biryani orders every minute, solidifying the dish’s undisputed popularity.

Capitalizing on this widespread love for Biryani, Chennai-based BVK Biryani, also known as Bai Veetu Kalyanam, has introduced an innovative and pioneering concept – India’s inaugural automated takeaway ordering experience center in Kolathur, Chennai.

Marked as a unique haven for biryani aficionados, the ordering process at BVK’s unmanned takeaway center is ingeniously simple. The establishment features user-friendly 32-inch screens that allow customers to peruse the menu and place their orders. Payments can be conveniently settled by scanning QR codes or using cards. Subsequently, the vending machine orchestrates the swift delivery of freshly packed orders within mere minutes.

A captivating video showcasing the biryani vending machine has captured the imagination of social media users.

Shared by Food Vettai on Instagram, the video offers a glimpse into BVK Biryani’s outlet and the effortless process of ordering from this groundbreaking automated destination. The clip commences with a gentleman selecting his preferred biryani choice from the array of options. Following payment, the screen displays a brief waiting time, and soon enough, the individual retrieves his prepared biryani packet.

Having commenced its journey in 2020, BVK Biryani has surged forward, now ensuring 60-minute deliveries across Chennai. The establishment has ambitious plans to accelerate further, aiming for 30-minute deliveries in the days ahead. Ordering from BVK Biryani is a breeze; it can be done through their website, app, or via popular food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato.

Experience the novel culinary convenience brought to life by BVK Biryani – where automation and indulgence converge for a delightful dining experience.

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