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People today choose to build their own businesses over taking a job for someone else. Because of this, it is now more difficult to launch a firm. If you have a good amount of money but are unsure of what kind of business would be best for you, you may speak with a franchise consultant who can support you in many ways as you start your own company. From the very first day of doing business, franchising allows you to have a sizable reach. To approach the best franchiser, however, is a more difficult task.

You can look for franchise experts to make it simpler; they can recommend the finest company strategy and franchisor for your particular line of work. These franchise consultants offer all the data necessary to launch a firm. In particular, if you have a concept, they can recommend the finest place for it as well as all the necessary permits and licenses.

In this way, Bharat Franchise offers the greatest franchise options in Chennai, which may simplify the process of beginning a business easier and increase the profitability of your enterprise.

Franchise ideas in Chennai

India ranks third among all countries in terms of goods and service consumption. In Chennai, opening a franchise is a good firm startup approach. Shipping, fast food, beauty, wellness, education, clothes, and healthcare are some of the most well-liked sectors for franchise openings. The franchise business is one strategy that firms have opted to use for expansion in India. In Chennai, you have a selection of affordable franchise options.

Chennai is a sizable market for franchise businesses that are highly successful. The franchisor and franchisee can each achieve their goals by utilizing this business strategy.

Some of the most lucrative franchise business opportunities in Chennai (under INR 10 lakhs) are given below:

S.NOFranchise Business
3Snacks & Tea
5Juice & Shakes
7Courier & Delivery
10Furniture & Home Decor

Best franchise businesses in Chennai

Aasife Biriyani

1. Aasife Biriyani

Aasife Biriyani has grown from a single site that sold 10 kg of Biryani to 25 modern eateries that also provide other delectable Indian cuisines since launching its first shop in 2000. Due to Aasife Ahmed’s tireless efforts and steadfast dedication to quality and customer service, his restaurant, Aasife Biriyani, has grown to become one of Chennai’s most well-known biryani eateries. He has always prioritized flavor and ensured that the biryani prepared at his establishment is delicious and unique.

This was accomplished—and is still accomplished—by carefully choosing the ingredients. The masala was made with premium ingredients and the biryani was made with premium rice. The dish’s texture and delectable flavor may be traced to Aasife, who created all of the ingredients. Pallavaram and St. Thomas Mount have benefited from this and are now well-known for their brand of biryani and other foods. For the past 22 years, the Aasife Biriyani Center has delighted people of all ages, from bachelors to families, and it will continue to do so.

Milky Delight Cafe

2. Milky Delight Cafe

In October 2021, the first Milky Delight Cafe outlet opened. After six months, they have more than ten sites spread over Chennai. They offer a range of milkshakes along with tea. They serve delicious cuisine at fair prices. Mango tea, black currant tea, orange tea, grape tea, and strawberry tea are just a few of the tea types available at Milky Delight Cafe. The Milky Delight Cafe also provides smoothies and snacks in addition to tea. People enjoy consuming tea and snacking.

3. Karupatti House

The processed food industry has changed our eating patterns and carved out a lifestyle niche where it can thrive with convenience as its only distinction by using subliminal marketing strategies. Eventually, as a result of this process, individuals lost contact with their regional cuisine and evolved into consumers of factory-produced, processed foods, forgetting how to appreciate their own cuisine.

It’s positive to see that more and more people are starting to understand the health advantages of eating nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods like steamed cuisine, rice porridge (Rice Kanji), millets (Koozh), and coffee (Karupatti). Karupatti House commonly referred to as “The House of Native Snacks,” is a modest improvement. People started to accept them, and they were eager to learn about their way of life. Karupatti gained acceptance.

4. Mr. Burger

Nowadays, in the modern period, hamburgers are loved by everyone! Then why not give MR. Burger a shot? Burger opened in March 2017 with the intention of providing a wide range of menu items, such as sandwiches, fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and waffles, as well as an extensive international cuisine. This was done after obtaining significant expertise and working with other QSR restaurants.

studio 7 - family salon and bridal studio

5. Studie’o7 Salon

Studieo7 has worked in the beauty and grooming sector for more than ten years. Established in 2017, Studie’o7 is a multi-award-winning Indian family salon and spa business with locations in more than 30 cities around South India. Their business strategy is to create teams that develop the best talent through coaching, mentoring, and communication. Their pay system and company strategy are economical and long-lasting. A variety of skin, beauty, make-up, nail art, hair, and spa services are offered by skilled stylists at Studie’o7. To achieve long-lasting effects, a variety of products from L’Oréal, Kryolan, Mac, and Wella are available.

Samruddi Coffee Franchise

6. Samruddi Coffee

Samruddi offers its own roast of coffee, selected from the best beans produced around India. After running successful drive-throughs and cafés for many years, the franchise opportunity was created. Samruddi, which places a strong emphasis on community, product, and profitability, has a substantial local business presence. Their stores are all currently profitable and running smoothly.

7. Lassi n Cafe

Delicious, healthful, and reasonably priced lassis are available from the well-known brand “Lassi n Cafe.” With more than 40 years of experience in the restaurant and retail sectors, The Karwar Group has become the most well-known brand in society.

Over the past few decades, this generation has been tempted to consume unhealthy fast food and beverages on the spur of the moment. They provide authentic Lassi and healthy drinks for a fair price in a charming café environment. In May 2017, the first “Lassi n Cafe” branch in Bangalore opened, bringing more than 120 goods to patrons of all ages. This was made possible via consistent work and ingredient-level research.

8. Madurai Mundasukatti Biryani

Madurai Mundasukatti Biryani offers a unique way of doing things that have effectively merged future ideas into today’s operations and destroyed the myth surrounding the restaurant business. The only south Indian restaurant chain that manages to run a decentralized kitchen while keeping a consistent level of flavor and quality is this one. Without competent or experienced cooks and staff, all restaurants provide food of a similar caliber and taste. They have implemented a business plan that accounts for the challenges and growth of the restaurant industry.

9. Lassi n Shakes

The three pillars of Lassi n Shakes are the best quality, appropriate quantity, and reasonable pricing. In this tiny food court, you can get waffles, hamburgers, pizza, rolls or wraps, sandwiches, roasted fried chicken, juices, smoothies, and mocktails. There are 120 distinct food and drink items on their menu, divided into 18 categories. with a gross profit margin of 60–70% and an average ticket price of Rs. 80. The secret of Lassi n Shake’s success is its reasonable prices, which guarantee consistent business all year long.

10. Southern Sambar

The unique operating style of Southern Sambar has successfully shattered the myth surrounding the restaurant business and blended cutting-edge concepts into current operations. Through the use of standalone, fresh food preparation in the non-vegetarian brand, they have consistently operated franchisees in a variety of locations over the past five years and proven their business strategy. Without employing experienced or trained cooks or additional staff, all of their restaurants provide cuisine of identical quality and flavor. The only south Indian restaurant chain that manages to run a decentralized kitchen while keeping a consistent level of flavor and quality is this one.

11. Village Milk Chai

For providing organic milk to entire families, especially kids, Village Milk Chai is one of the most well-known and trusted brands. They produce and process their own fresh milk on their farms. The nutritional inadequacies brought on by a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle are made up for by village farm fresh milk. You can improve your overall physical fitness by drinking Village Milk. You are tempted to eat less sugar because of the milk’s natural sweetness, which is good for your health. Children receive good nutrition from village milk, which also offers the needed daily allowance for wellbeing and health.

12. Joose Booster

Due to the extremely high demand and acclaim, the Joose Booster management is now expanding its reach throughout South India using a “Franchise Owned Franchise Operated” business model. The growing demand for organic and healthy food options has created a large market opportunity for firms that can provide fresh, delicious juices. Effective management and a commitment to continued innovation are essential for this growing company. This business appeals to entrepreneurs greatly because of its inexpensive starting costs and quick payback periods.

How to choose the best franchise consultant in Chennai?

Because you might not be entirely aware of all the ramifications, starting a new business or expanding an existing one can be a little scary. You can get through these initial doubts and be guided on the right route by a franchise consultant. Hire a business or consultant who meets the requirements outlined below, and demonstrates their credibility.

#1 Focus on the Work

Many people who claim to be consultants actually only work part-time for low-risk commissions. It is crucial to select a franchise consultant whose focus is solely on the consulting industry.

#2 Reputation within the Sector

Before mentioning any organizations, a franchising consultant of repute will first take the time to understand you, your goals, and your requirements by asking the appropriate questions. consultants who try to sell you on businesses and their potential within the first few minutes of speaking with them. This merely indicates that he is more interested in guiding you into a situation that will benefit him at your expense.

#3 Franchisees Previously Selected

How effective a franchise consulting company or consultant is determined by the number of franchisors they can offer, as well as their credibility, business environment, and everything else that has been pre-screened by them. Select a consultant or franchising consulting company that can provide you with a range of franchisors so you may select the one that most closely matches your interests and goals.

#4 Tested franchise results

What matters most are the results. should evaluate the outcomes that the franchising consulting company has delivered to its franchisors, the kind of customers it has, the number of years it has been in the franchising business, and the effectiveness of its support for franchisees in selecting a respectable business to launch. Select those whose work speaks for itself.

Bottom line

Bharat Franchise is a successful framework for both franchisees and franchisors to prosper. Today, we serve as a one-stop shop for franchise possibilities in a variety of industries and geographical areas. In addition to teaching you about the complexities of franchising across business sectors, our consulting services assist you in starting and growing franchise operations.

We produce quality leads for you as a franchisor. List your brand with us for free to make it easy for potential franchisees to locate you. We release franchise success stories, business descriptions, franchise locations, and brand characteristics. Why are you waiting? Come sign up with us!

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