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We are today a one-stop portal of opportunities in franchising across multiple sectors of the economy and regions of the world. Our consulting services help you set up, and scale up franchise operations, besides imparting the dynamics of franchising across business segments.

If you are a franchisor, we generate quality leads for you. List your brand with us for free and let prospective franchisees find you quickly. We publish strengths of brands, business descriptions, franchise locations, and franchise success stories.


What is Bharat Franchise & How it works?

Bharat franchise is a platform dedicated to franchise recruitment and businesses for sale, our unique methodology helps franchisees to find franchises that are developing rapidly across India. Our platform has a dedicated directory which lists the franchises who have tasted success in various industry sectors.


We value 360 deg of top standard in our work place, this could help to serve our customer with the very best thing one could do.


Connect with the best business minds around the world, make them productive, successful and accessible to the common people.


Our vision is to make the entrepreneurship dream is accessible for every likeminded individual in this part of world. That’s ambitious, however with the low-priced service its seems very much possible.

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