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Albaik Franchise Cost in Chennai

The Al-Baik brand has rapidly grown to include over 130 sites across India and Nepal since its 2009 launch. The business owners admit that the success of their franchise chances can be attributed to their delicious hot and fresh meals and pleasant atmosphere. The Al-Baik restaurant group is renowned for emphasizing roasted chicken and shrimp dishes. Due to advantageous franchisee benefits like a strong business strategy, tried-and-true marketing, reasonable startup expenses & fees, a successful training program, and ongoing support throughout the course of the business, the chain was one of India’s fastest-growing. Since the Al-Baik family’s franchise is now being sold, we cordially invite you to join them.

What does Al-Baik offer?

Al-Baik Franchise is a fantastic chicken franchise in India. Al-Baik offers a broad selection of popular food goods such as crispy chicken, chicken wings, popcorn, twisters, chicken nuggets, chili lime chicken, chicken lollypop, burgers, pizza, twisters, and so on; vegetarian burgers, twisters, and pizzas; and a variety of mocktails and refreshing drinks.

Price of an Albaik Franchise

The initial investment for an Albaik franchise ranges between 10,00,000 and 25,00,000 rupees. The minimum necessary area is approximately 500 Square Feet. There will be no royalty charge on sales.

Reasons to Franchise with Al-Baik

A famous brand

A well-known brand increases the value of the franchise. Building a great, recognizable brand requires time and effort, but it can mean the difference between success and failure. Al-Baik is a well-known restaurant. The relationship with Al-Baik leaves no room for error. Since Al-Baik has a unique, loyal customer base, you can definitely make a lot of money!

Loads of experience

Years of industry expertise and extensive experience managing several restaurants serving Arabic cuisine. You’ve come to the right location if you’re seeking some delectable Arabian food! Al-Baik is an expert in this cuisine and knows how to prepare it according to customer preferences. Therefore, you need not worry about the taste when opening a franchise.

Menu Specialities

Specialties like Browned Chicken and other dishes are prepared by skilled chefs using specialized equipment at Al-Baik. Since taste is the most crucial component for a food company’s success, Al-Baik goes above and beyond to bring the best flavor to the market!

Attractive returns

By design, franchises are designed to be easily scalable. This implies that a franchisee is typically able to expand into surrounding markets as they become more successful over time as seen by increasing sales in their current market. This is particularly appealing to business owners who want to launch and expand a company so that they can eventually spend less time running it and instead delegate management to one or more managers. This means that over time, as a franchisee succeeds through increased sales in one region, they are typically able to expand into neighboring markets with relative ease because a franchisor has established expansion criteria. Al-Baik restaurant franchise is a low-risk investment opportunity with high potential rewards.

Opportunity for growth

Food and beverage (F&B) are a rapidly growing and profitable industry, so the market is ripe and the time is ideal to get into this area. Any company benefits from having local customers and clients who are already aware of its services. Franchises often have this distinct edge wherever they open, even in new territories. As long as the franchise has a strong reputation, it is much easier for a new owner to quickly gain sales or clients when the local market is already aware of the product or service provided.

A Business Without Recesses

We all know that our most fundamental need is food. It will be challenging to avoid hunger, but we can resist buying new apparel. Because of this, the food sector is among the most profitable ones in the world. When compared to other sectors like retail and fashion, the food and beverage business is growing more and more. Food and social connection are necessities of life, hence the food business is unaffected by ups and downs in the economy.

Support system

Without a doubt, a franchisor’s support can be essential to the franchisee’s business’ success. A franchise with supportive management will probably be able to help with any activity that comes to mind, including site selection, lease negotiation, development, training, marketing, hiring, and different operational support services once the business is up and running. The brand is dedicated to offering franchisees full guidance and operational assistance for their growth and success.

Six things to think about when purchasing a franchise

You must comprehend a few things in order to better understand franchising. These are the six things to think about before starting a franchise. Starting a business structure is like repeatedly reading the same book. The business world has entered a new era because of franchising.

Today’s startups enjoy trying new things and picking up new business skills; franchising gives them access to a fresh but tried-and-true mode of operation. There are some issues you must resolve before starting a franchising firm. You adhere to a company’s internal and external operating procedures since you are adopting its already established business model. It is a secure choice for those who are beginning anything fresh.

Needs of the Market

The ideal strategy to launch a firm is to comprehend the needs of the target market. Knowing the criteria, the various brands, and your budget can help you make an informed choice. Avoid entering a business hastily without doing your study.

There are many franchises and other business opportunities available, but you must look for what you believe will fit your budget and region. Investigate the possibility of the brand you intend to invest in growing; this will make your research more efficient and your company plans more sound.

Follow the brand

There are several available franchising brands on the market. List a few reputable franchising companies, then monitor their track record, market expansion, value, and reach. Understanding the company and its history is crucial since just because they have a franchise doesn’t indicate they are a successful brand. The franchise’s value as an investment can then be determined.


You must comprehend your budget before starting a franchise. The material, location, staff, and other necessities will all require payment from you. It is best to put your budget and the brands you’re looking for in writing. You can certainly resize it to meet your needs, but to better understand the investment, it is better to compile a basic list of the items mentioned above.


Every industry has a large number of rivals. Comparatively speaking, operating a strategic business is simpler. Understand your audience’s expectations and select a brand that will serve you better and help you build your business and brand reputation. Every firm must compete, even a well-known franchisee brand will do so. Before selecting the best company, it is a good idea to examine several companies and their rivals.


A franchise also provides training; you will be trained in accordance with the demands of the brand, with clear instructions and support. It’s crucial to pick a franchise that offers excellent training. A successful business starts with this. The best brands to become a franchisee offer crucial training and guidance at every stage. Before starting a business, it is crucial to comprehend the overall business strategies.

Benefits from a Franchise

Among the many advantages of owning a franchise are:

The failure rate is quite low

When you purchase a franchise, you are investing in a tried-and-true business model. In terms of success, statistics show that franchises outperform independent start-up enterprises.

Commercial assistance

Franchise owners receive important assistance throughout the life of their firm. Many franchises, in reality, are turnkey operations. When you purchase a franchise, you will receive all of the necessary equipment, resources, and training. In many cases, you will receive ongoing training as well as management and marketing assistance. For example, your franchise will profit from the parent company’s national marketing efforts.

Purchasing power

Your franchise will profit from the parent company’s pooled buying power, which is passed on to franchisees. As a result, inventory and materials cost less for a franchise than for an independent business.

Raw talent

Many well-known franchises have national brand recognition. Owning a franchise is similar to purchasing a business with pre-existing loyal customers.


A franchise business can be extremely successful. As expected, the most well-known and successful franchises, such as Al- Baik have substantially more likely to deliver high returns on investment (ROI).

How may Bharat Franchise help you?

In order for franchisees and franchisors to succeed, Bharat Franchise provides a strong structure. We act as a one-stop shop for franchise opportunities in a range of sectors and regions today. Our consulting services help you establish and expand franchise businesses in addition to educating you on the challenges of franchising across industries.

For your benefit as a franchisor, we generate quality leads. Make it simple for potential franchisees to find your brand by listing it with us for free. In addition to business descriptions, franchise locations, and brand attributes, we also publish franchise success stories. Why do you keep waiting? Visit us to enroll!

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