Best Food Business Ideas in Chennai

Food Business Ideas in Chennai

Chennai is Tamil Nadu’s capital and the country’s sixth most populous metropolitan area. This is a thriving economy with plenty of room for new businesses to grow. Chennai is also recognized as an industrial center, with many ports positioned along the city’s wide coastline. Chennai ranked fourth in overall tax collection between 2018 and 2019, according to the FICCI, with INR 74,000 crore. Chennai has done incredibly well and flourished across sectors in the last few decades, resulting in numerous business prospects for anyone looking to establish their own firm. Chennai is well-known for several things. The state is always teeming with people, from Chettinad cuisine to art, culture, and vacation.

Franchise model

One of the finest ways to start a business is to sell various products and services in a franchise model business. Approach a large brand with several chains and ask if you can buy their franchise to create one of your own. You can collaborate with some of the greatest names in the industry, from national to multinational businesses. Even though this is a competitive industry, you will be able to make a lot of money. One of the most profitable and popular franchise business strategies is the food industry. This is unquestionably one of the top business ideas in Chennai.

Best food business ideas

Aasife Biriyani

Aasife Biriyani has grown from a single location selling 10 kg of Biryani in 2000 to 25 contemporary eateries serving other delectable Indian dishes. Aasife Ahmed started Aasife Biriyani, which has grown to become one of Chennai’s most well-known biryani restaurants as a consequence of his persistent dedication to quality and customer service. He has always prioritized flavor and ensured that the biryani prepared at his facilities is exquisite and distinct.

This was accomplished — and continues to be accomplished — by carefully selecting the ingredients. The biryani was made with high-quality rice, and the masala was made with premium components. The dish’s consistency and mouth-watering flavor may be traced to Aasife’s creation of all of the ingredients. Pallavaram and St. Thomas Mount have become well-known for their brand of biryani and other food items as a result of this. For the past 22 years, the Aasife Biriyani Center has delighted individuals ranging from bachelors to families and will continue to do so.

Because Aasife Biriyani has captured the hearts of people of all ages, collaborating with it may be your best option. Because food is a perishable commodity. Starting your own food retail business from the beginning is a risky undertaking. Starting the firm as a franchise partner of an established brand will improve your income while minimizing your risk concerns.

Madurai Mundasukatti Biriyani

Madurai Mundasukatti Biryani operates in a unique way that has refuted myths about the restaurant industry and efficiently blended future concepts into today’s operations. They are the only south Indian restaurant network that can successfully run a dispersed kitchen while keeping a consistent level of taste and quality. Without competent or qualified cooks and laborers, all restaurants provide food that tastes and looks the same. They have implemented a business plan that anticipates the challenges and growth of the restaurant industry.

When working with Madurai Mundasukatti Biryani, the preparation time will be decreased by 10% when compared to other restaurants that employ traditional cooking methods. Because of the rapid and easy preparation and the fact that most dishes are prepared to order, there will be little food waste, improving profitability. Low inventory maintenance and avoiding local purchases minimize manipulation, lowering costs. Only half of the staff is required to run the business, resulting in cheaper labor expenses because expert chefs and highly compensated employees are not required. Waste of gas and raw materials is minimized by 60%. It has an advantage over competitors who use central kitchens since it is freshly prepared and served hot. Overall, this brand strives to save additional costs and increase profit.

Village Milk Chai

The Village Milk Chai brand is a well-known and trusted source of organic milk for all families, especially children. Their fresh milk is produced and processed on-site. The nutritional inadequacies created by an unhealthy lifestyle and poor food are compensated for by village farm fresh milk. Drinking Village Milk can help you become more physically fit in general. The natural sweetness of the milk entices you to consume less sugar, which is beneficial to your health. Children can enjoy fantastic nutrients from village milk to get their recommended daily dose of well-being and wellness.

Samruddi’s Coffee

From the best beans produced throughout India, Samruddi offers its own roast of coffee. They created their stores by fusing high-end products, contemporary technology, and traditional recipes with a distinctive working and relaxing environment.

The franchising opportunity was developed after many years of operating profitable drive-throughs and cafés. By joining their wonderful family, you can emulate that success since Samruddi has created a process and system based on a tried-and-true model. They have established a significant local company presence by placing equal emphasis on the community, the product, and the bottom line. Every store is currently profitable and operationally flawless.

Only competent candidates who are committed to success and a bright future with Samruddi Coffee, who believe in the brand and want to be active in their community, are offered franchises by Samruddi.

Milky Delight Cafe

Today, tea is the beverage that is enjoyed the most everywhere. Even in these hard times, it is a pleasure that may be had for a very modest price. Since tea was developed in China more than 2000 years ago, it has been more popular all over the world. In China, tea also has significant cultural value. There is no denying the economic and social importance of tea, which is frequently used as a beverage and a treatment for a number of ailments. In October 2021, the first Milky Delight Cafe outlet opened. After six months, they have more than ten sites spread over Chennai. They offer a range of milkshakes along with tea. They serve delicious cuisine at fair prices.

Mango tea, black currant tea, orange tea, grape tea, and strawberry tea are just a few of the tea types available at Milky Delight Cafe. The Milky Delight Cafe also provides smoothies and snacks in addition to tea. People enjoy consuming tea and snacking.

Mr. Burger

In order to offer a broad selection of menu items, including sandwiches, fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and waffles, as well as a thorough selection of international cuisine, Burger launched in March 2017. After gaining extensive knowledge and collaborating with other QSR restaurants, this was accomplished.

Mr. Burger offers a wide range of goods at affordable prices. They offer a variety of brands all under one roof in addition to innovative recipes that are delicious and nutritious. They offer unique buns that aren’t found in supermarkets and make all of the buns, slices of bread, brownies, and lavas from scratch. The Mr. Burger QSR and franchise businesses in the food and service industries are made to help new company owners establish successful enterprises.

Joose Booster

Joose Booster management is using a “Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated” business model to extend its presence throughout South India because of the extremely high demand and accolades. Due to the rising demand for organic and healthy food options, there is a large market opportunity for companies that can provide fresh, tasty juices.

This growing company needs successful management and a commitment to continuous innovation to flourish. Entrepreneurs particularly like this industry because of its cheap investment needs and quick payback periods. The franchise with the fastest growth is a wonderful choice if you want a high-profit margin. A tried-and-true superb taste can enhance traffic and profits. Due to its tried-and-true distinctive business model and continuous introduction of new items, this franchise is a fantastic choice. For individuals seeking for a decent franchise opportunity, this is an even better choice given the variety of goods offered for year-round sale.

Lassi N Shakes

Lassi N Shakes’ three guiding principles are superior quality, a good amount, and affordable prices. Waffles, hamburgers, pizza, rolls or wraps, sandwiches, roasted fried chicken, juices, smoothies, and mocktails are all available in this tiny food court. On their menu, there are 120 unique food and drink products broken down into 18 categories. with an average ticket price of Rs. 80 and a gross profit margin of 60–70%. The secret of Lassi N Shake’s popularity is its affordable rates, which ensure steady business throughout the entire year.

Lassi N Shakes is seeking driven businesspeople to join their expansive network of franchises as they pursue their international growth. The franchise development process, like the lassi-making process, is crucial to the success of every business. Fortunately, one of the most successful small enterprises, Lassi N Shakes, has identified the approaches that benefit both parties.

Karupatti House

The processed food industry has changed our eating patterns and carved out a lifestyle niche where it can thrive with convenience as its only distinction by using subliminal marketing strategies. Eventually, as a result of this process, individuals lost contact with their regional cuisine and evolved into consumers of factory-produced, processed foods, forgetting how to appreciate their own cuisine.

It’s positive to see that more and more people are starting to understand the health advantages of eating nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods like steamed cuisine, rice porridge (Rice Kanji), millets (Koozh), and coffee (Karupatti). Karupatti House commonly referred to as “The House of Native Snacks,” is a modest improvement. People started to accept them, and they were eager to learn about their way of life. Karupatti gained acceptance.

Lassi N Cafe

The renowned restaurant “Lassi n Cafe” serves lassis that are delectable, healthy, and fairly priced. The most respected brand in society has long been The Karwar Group, which has more than 40 years of expertise in the culinary and retail industries.

Over the past few decades, this generation has developed an impulsive appetite for unhealthy fast food and beverages. They offer genuine Lassi and healthy beverages at a reasonable price in a pleasant café setting. The concept became a reality in May 2017 with the opening of the first “Lassi n Cafe” location in Bangalore, offering customers of all ages more than 120 products, thanks to persistent work and in-depth ingredient research.


A fresh company called Tekup proudly provides a variety of tea, coffee, herbal drinks, health drinks, and authentically flavored traditional delicacies. The drinks and food offered by the Tekup shop are excellent for their scent, freshness, and healthy ingredient content in addition to being delicious. Southern India is mostly where Teakup is produced. Teakup offers products priced between INR 10 and INR 100.

In particular, Teakup is attempting to expand into first- and second-tier cities in various regions of India. Investors in Teakup franchisees must have a 150–200 square foot facility. The cost of the franchise unit will be affordable. Between 40% and 80% of the gross margin will be the profit margin. It’s a leading tea brand in India, with the lowest market investment and royalty rates.

Tea Boy

The Tea Boy Franchise offers tea, coolers, smoothies, coffee, and snacks. They offer delicious and nutritious black and lemon tea with natural sugar. Ten rupees are the starting price. Their goals include opening a standard-level tea stall, encouraging 500+ entrepreneurs to launch their own enterprises, and selling one million teacups each day in order to make their special tea accessible to everyone.

Tea Time

The second-largest producer of tea in the world is Tea Time. One of the most well-known tea companies in India, Tea Time operates a network of tea shops where it offers a variety of teas, cool drinks, and shakes at affordable pricing. The genuine flavor and distinctive components used by the brand set it apart. Its processing facilities are located in Rajahmundry, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Assam, Vizag, and Hyderabad’s R&D facility. Only after the tea tasters certify the quality does Tea Time purchase the best tea leaves. Every blend is specially created to evoke a genuine tea-drinking experience and is created to sate the addiction and love for tea.

The state of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Haryana, and Odisha are just a few of the states where Tea Time has more than 500 locations. In other regions of India, the brand will soon launch outlets.

Tea Time is looking for driven and passionate businesspeople to join its established group of franchisees as it continues to grow across the globe. Any brand’s success depends on the franchise development process, much like the fine skill of producing tea. Fortunately, the company found the ideal approaches for both and became one of the most prosperous Small-Scale Businesses. The Tea Time franchise can be started by a family from the middle class as well.

Tea Time offers freshly brewed Tea, premium milkshakes, and coolers in a friendly setting. Their success and enthusiasm for their work are greatly influenced by the relationships their franchisees can build within their local communities.

Bottom Line

Franchise experts can be a useful resource for potential franchisees. They assist in guiding your decisions as you choose from a variety of franchise options. Consultants have previously helped franchisors develop and expand their business models. By pairing customers with companies that guarantee greater chances of success, franchise advisors are now also able to assist those wishing to launch new franchises. It could be challenging to choose from so many franchise businesses. Using a licensed franchise consultant should reduce stress by guaranteeing open communication and impartial appraisals of your potential business prospects.

We are among Chennai’s best franchise consultants. Bharat Franchise offers a solid foundation to guarantee the success of both franchisees and franchisors. We now serve as an all-in-one resource for franchise possibilities in a variety of industries and regions. Our consulting services assist you in starting and growing franchise businesses while educating you on the difficulties associated with franchising in various industries.

As a franchisor, we produce high-quality leads for you. By registering with us, you could make it simpler for prospective franchisees to find your brand. We provide franchise success stories in addition to company biographies, franchise locations, and brand characteristics. Why must you wait for so long? Visit us today to enroll!

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