Best franchise options in Chennai under 10 lakhs

Franchise in Chennai under 10 Lakhs

Are you confident that you can launch a franchise for less than Rs. 10 lakh? Do you believe the brand will be successful for you, especially with relatively small investment? If you have such confusion, the answer is definitely YES! Congratulations on having thought of starting a franchise business. In Chennai, there are numerous low-cost and high-profit franchise options. Food franchises are widespread and profitable. So picking a food franchise business would be wise. Franchise possibilities are available from a variety of companies, including those that operate bakeries, coffee shops, juice and shake bars, and snack stores. Here is a list of the best affordable franchises in Chennai.

● Village Milk Chai

● Milky Delight Cafe

● Samrudi Coffee

● Joose Booster

● Mr. Burger

● Lassi n Shakes

● Karupatti House

● Lassi n Cafe

These companies’ brands are all wildly successful and well-known. From Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 12 lakhs are invested. You can choose a brand according to your budget. Commercial sales are not an issue because they have already won the hearts of countless Indians. You can definitely try it and succeed in your aim!

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