Bridging Futures: G-TEC Computer Education Joins Forces with Bharat Franchise

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In an exciting development in the world of education and skill development, G-TEC Computer Education, a global leader in training and education, has teamed up with Bharat Franchise to expand its reach and impact in the field of computer-based training (CBT) and ITES. This collaboration opens up new avenues for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals looking to contribute to the skill development landscape.

About G-TEC Computer Education: A Global Leader in Skill Development

G-TEC EDUCATION stands as one of the largest networks in the training and education sector. With a corporate office in Singapore, a regional office in Dubai, and an administrative office in India, G-TEC operates in over 700 training centers across 20 countries, holding an ISO 9001:2015 certification. The primary mission of G-TEC is to bridge the gap between industry requirements and traditional college education, offering affordable yet internationally acclaimed education.

Three Pillars of G-TEC’s Educational Framework:

    • Offering a comprehensive curriculum spanning seven disciplines, including Software, Hardware Networking, Multimedia, Finance Business Management, CAD Circle, and Soft Skill programs.
    • Boasting more than 300 G-TEC courses, inclusive of international certifications like SAP, IAB, ICDL, Microsoft, Quick Books, Adobe CC, EC Council, Tally, Blockchain, and more.
    • Employment Skilling Programs (ELSP) designed to align with industry needs and provide students with career development opportunities.
    • Provides academic programs in collaboration with distant universities, bundling G-TEC computer courses with B.Com, BBA, and other courses.
    • Equips students with practical and experiential training for diverse industries, including online training from reputed universities.
  3. GENSMART (Power Tomorrow):
    • Focuses on brain-boosting subjects such as Cognitive Learning Programs (CLP), Robotics, and Career Plus programs for competitive examinations.
    • Aims to prepare students for a successful and fulfilling career in the future.

G-TEC’s Impact and Recognition:

  • Established in 2001, G-TEC has empowered over 16 lakh students with IT skills over the past 18 years.
  • Recognized by IT excellence awards from State and Central Governments.
  • Partnered with SAP (Germany) and various international certification bodies.
  • Adjudged the Best Centre by IAB through the U.K Parliament for five consecutive years.

Collaboration with Bharat Franchise: The collaboration with Bharat Franchise marks a significant step forward for G-TEC, allowing individuals to partner with the global leader in IT skill development. Entrepreneurs and education enthusiasts can now approach Bharat Franchise to run G-TEC Computer Education centers, contributing to skill development on a larger scale.

As G-TEC and Bharat Franchise join forces, the synergy promises to create new opportunities in the realm of computer education and skill development. This partnership aims to empower individuals, foster entrepreneurship, and bridge the gap between education and industry requirements. It’s a step towards a future where quality education is accessible to all, laying the foundation for skilled professionals globally.

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