What is the cost of the Milky Delight Cafe franchise?

Milky Delight Franchise Cost

If you love to partner with Milky Delight Cafe as a franchisee, you have two options. Both options are incredibly cost-effective and profitable.

Option 1:

Partner with Milky Delight as a franchisee with the initial amount of just 4 lakhs. They provide you with the startup materials and tools you need for a relatively low initial investment. Profit margins for individual products range from 40% to 70%. The first month of operations will see operations break even, with a typical payback period of 10 to 12 months. They have a large variety of merchandise available in all of their stores. The starting price for products is Rs. 12.

Option 2: FOCO Model (Invest and Earn Returns):

The FOCO Model (Invest and Earn Returns) requires an initial investment of Rs. 10 lakh. This franchising option is considerably dissimilar from the previous one. With this selection, “Franchisee Invested-Company Operated,” you will become a “sleeping partner.”

You must invest the money for the franchise even though you are not required to run the business. The company will be managed and governed by the brand. You can manage other businesses or just relax at home and make money here!

Milky Delight Cafe has already won the hearts of many. If you’re looking for a “low budget with great profit” solution, partnering with Milky Delight Cafe will be your best option. Profits that exceed your expectations are achievable.

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