SRM Public School Joins Forces with Bharat Franchise for Educational Excellence

SRM Public School Franchise

In a significant stride towards enhancing the educational landscape, Bharat Franchise is delighted to welcome SRM Public School into its esteemed network. SRMPS, a distinguished institution under the SRM Group of Institutions, stands as a beacon of academic excellence, fostering holistic growth and global citizenship among students. This collaboration not only adds a prestigious name to Bharat Franchise’s roster but also presents an opportunity for aspiring edupreneurs to align with the success stories of SRMPS. For franchise-related inquiries, interested individuals can contact Bharat Franchise at 8248434001.

About SRM Public School: Nurturing Excellence in Education

SRM Public School, an integral part of the SRM Group of Institutions, is a world-class educational institution with a commitment to providing a seamless transition for students into higher learning both in India and abroad. The school boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure spread across a lush green campus covering 3 acres. With a progressive pedagogy that nurtures global citizens and a commitment to technological integration, SRMPS serves as a window to the world with online collaborative exchanges.

Key Highlights:

  • Plush green campus spanning 3 verdant acres.
  • Progressive pedagogy fostering global citizens.
  • Technologically wired for a wireless world.
  • A community working hand in hand with stakeholders.
  • Well-trained educators, parents, and global scholars.
  • From 700 students in 2017 to 2675 students in 2023 and increasing.

Vision and Mission: Shaping Holistic Growth

Vision: SRM Public School aspires to offer a nurturing learning environment where the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of children are fulfilled, enabling them to grow holistically.


  • Motivate educators to be well-informed and employ innovative teaching methodologies.
  • Impact world-class academic excellence in alignment with contemporary expectations.
  • Nurture diverse talents and promote the all-round development of every child.

Franchise Support: Paving the Way for Success

As SRMPS embarks on a journey of expansion, the franchise route becomes a cornerstone for exponential growth. The unique support system offered by SRM ensures partner schools’ success from day one of operations. The comprehensive support includes:

Pre School Launch:

  • Strategic Framework – Academic, Statutory, and Legal Framework.
  • Operational Framework – Organizational Structure, Academic & Non-Academic Management, Educational curriculum proposal.


  • Branding, Admissions, Faculty Recruitment, and Training.
  • Assistance in creating Collateral for School Operations.

Post School Launch:

  • Complete Affiliation procedures and process.
  • Additional Liaison Services with the State and Accreditation Body.
  • Leadership workshops for the School Team.
  • Academic support – curriculum planning & delivery, assessments, and special days.
  • Networking with professional bodies for national and international promotion.
  • Workshop for Team Building.
  • Automation process and IT infrastructure.


  • Branding and Marketing Strategy – Advise, planning, and implementation of marketing campaigns and branding approach.

Who Can Be Part of This Franchise Model?

The SRMPS franchise model welcomes individuals, trusts, and societies with strong business acumen and a passion for the education industry. The eligibility criteria include the possession of two to three acres of land (depending on the location) and the capacity to make an initial investment of Rs.30 Crs. This opportunity is ideal for those desiring association with a niche brand that embraces an innovative approach to education.

SRM Public School, in collaboration with Bharat Franchise, invites visionaries and education enthusiasts to join hands in shaping the future of education. For those aspiring to contribute to the success and growth of SRMPS, the franchise model offers a pathway to a rewarding and impactful journey in the realm of education.

For detailed franchise information, interested individuals can contact BharatFranchise at 8248434001.

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