Waffle Franchise Cost in Chennai

Whimsey Cafe Franchise in Chennai

There is always a buzz about new food items coming out, such as waffles, which later becomes hugely popular. People are gravitating toward new trends in foods which gives the ideal opportunity for us to introduce and establish a new food franchise.

Recently, one such food item that is a craze is waffles. Looking similar to a biscuit, waffles are crunchy and delicious snacks, a first choice among kids and even adults. The unique taste and delightful eating experience is the primary reason why waffle franchises are profitable in India. Waffles also top the food charts when it comes to the best dessert.

Therefore, in case you are looking to start a food franchise, then the waffles franchise business might be a good option to consider. So in this article let us look at the cost, returns, and the best brand to establish a waffle franchise.

Whimsey Cafe – The Best Waffle Franchise Business: 

Initially started out as a cloud kitchen with a particular specialization in Waffles, “Whimsey Waffles” was later transformed into “Whimsey Cafe”, a restaurant with 5+ outlets in Chennai.

Whimsey cafe now offers a variety of Waffle types such as Chocolate Melt Waffle, Oreo Treat Waffles, Caramel Melt Waffle, etc which are enjoyed by many. Other than waffles they also sell beverages like milkshakes which helps increase its day-to-day revenue.

The easy-to-setup, highly profitable franchise business model and complete setup support from the franchisor make Whimsey cafe the best waffle franchise business in India.

Franchising Requirements To Set Up A Whimsey Cafe:

Whimsey Cafe can be established with a minimal investment of Rs. 3.99 lakhs and a space requirement of 300 sq. ft to 600 sq. ft.

All the technical and operational support and necessary items required to establish an outlet will be provided by the franchisor. In addition, marketing strategies and extensive training and support are also provided to run the business smoothly.

It surely is a good opportunity if you are looking to set up a low investment high business franchise that is trending in recent times.

How To Set Up Your Whimsey Cafe Franchise?

As one of the leading platforms that connect franchisors and franchisees, Bharath franchise has many reputable brands at its side. We are helping numerous businesses to find their best franchise partners and to run a successful franchise business.

You can contact Bharath franchise to connect you with the best waffle franchise – the Whimsey cafe. If you have all the necessary franchise requirements and need further information to set up a Waffle franchise, you can contact us today via this number 8248434001 to establish your Whimsey cafe waffle franchise.

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