Aasife Biriyani is back with a bang!

Aasife Biriyani is back again with new restaurants

Become a franchisee for a successful restaurant with an assured ROI.

Aasife Biriyani Owner

Aasife Biriyani was founded in 2000 by Shri C.Y. Aasife, a biryani chef with 22 years of expertise and the best skills. In this competitive environment, his biriyani established a reputation in Chennai and became a turning point for the biriyani industry. He has a ton of business experience and exceptional taste, preparation, and experience with these meals. He is also excellent at managing and inspiring clients. This brand has gained worldwide recognition over the past 22 years and has encouraged consumers to appreciate its flavor and uniqueness.

Why picking Aasife Biriyani is a wise decision?

Why Partner with Aasife BiriyaniThe planned business’s location is convenient to the Interstate and is in a desirable area. The  owner has previous expertise in the catering business and  has already developed a clientele and chosen vendors. Given the planned company’s tiny scale relative to its larger corporate competitors, it is thought that outstanding quality can be offered by hand-picking market specialties. The same idea holds true for staffing needs, as hand-picked individuals are sought after in order to provide service that is unmatched when compared to bigger rivals.

The Opportunities:

The most successful businesses in today’s business environment are those that can quickly spot and seize opportunities. They have removed entry restrictions that would have otherwise prevented them from doing so, which in part makes this possible.

Offering more catering services is one method to lower entry barriers. By doing this, businesses would be able to seize present possibilities without spending money on costly equipment or adding people. Businesses can easily and swiftly grow their operations to meet customer demand by providing these services.


Government Mandates: Government regulations from the federal and local levels can have a big impact on how a restaurant operates and how safe the food and staff are. Each jurisdiction has its own unique set of health and safety regulations, and failing to follow them can result in high fines or even the closing of the business. The specifics of these regulations must be understood by restaurant owners and managers in order to make sure that their establishment complies with them.

Rising Operational Costs & Maintaining Sales Volume: The costs incurred by a firm while it is operating. They might consist of things like rent, utilities, employee wages, and supplies. An organization may struggle to maintain sales volume as a result of rising operating expenditures. Businesses may need to raise pricing, cut spending, or discover new revenue streams to balance out rising costs.


  • 22+ years of brand heritage
  • 23+ cities
  • 1M+ biriyani served annually
  • 23+ running restaurants
  • 30+ franchises network

Aasife Biriyani Story & Heritage!

Aasife Biriyani has grown from a single site that sold 10 kg of Biryani to 25 modern eateries that also provide other delectable Indian cuisines since launching its first shop in 2000. Due to Aasife Ahmed’s tireless efforts and steadfast dedication to quality and customer service, his restaurant, Aasife Biriyani, has grown to become one of Chennai’s most well-known biryani eateries. He has always prioritized flavor and ensured that the biryani prepared at his establishment is delicious and unique.

Aasife Biriyani Story and HeritageThis was accomplished—and is still accomplished—by carefully choosing the ingredients. The masala was made with premium ingredients, and the biryani was made with premium rice. The dish’s texture and delectable flavor may be traced to Aasife, who created all of the ingredients. Both Pallavaram and St. Thomas Mount have benefited from this and are now well-known for their brand of biryani and other foods. For the past 22 years, the Aasife Biriyani Center has delighted people of all ages, from bachelors to families, and it will continue to do so.

Partnering with Aasife Biriyani might be your best choice because it has captured the hearts of people of all ages.

Signature Dishes:

  • Chicken Biriyani
  • Mutton Biriyani
  • Mughal Biriyani
  • 65 Biriyani

Franchising Options:



Area Price
Metro & Highway


2000 sq. ft. 50,00,000


1500 sq. ft. 40,00,000
Tier 2&3 1000sq.ft to 1200sq.ft.


25,00,000 to 29,00,000
International 2500 sq. ft.



You can become an Aasife Biriyani Franchisee in TamilNadu, other major cities in India, and cities where South Indian Diaspora is present around the world.

Why do you need to partner with Aasife Biriyani?

  • Their non-vegetarian brand is thriving and ranks first in the business.
  • Its structure and taste are the keys to its success.
  • Each meal is cooked to perfection using homemade masala.
  • Each dish is great since the kitchen is professionally supervised.
  • Customers keep coming back because they know they can always rely on them to offer the best.

The Values of Aasife Biriyani

Assife Biriyani’s core philosophy, “Our Guests Come First ”, is enforced from the top level of management all the way downwards. Their Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines for their staff are based on this value, ensuring that they always put their guests’ needs and happiness first.

Aasife Biriyani Customer ServiceAasife firmly believes that everything they do should be in service of making their customers happy. To that end, they always strive to provide the best quality food at the most reasonable prices. Their commitment to quality and value is what sets us apart and keeps their guests coming back.

What does Aasife Biriyani seek in their partners?

  • It is necessary to have an entrepreneurial mindset as well as a willingness to learn a new business and be hands-on.
  • The partner must be available to shop at the store.
  • Customer service is crucial in this industry, and the partner should have exceptional customer interaction and service skills before investing in the franchisee.

 What does Aasife Biriyani provide to their partners?

  • Restaurant operations support
  • Training and support for the team
  • Marketing and Brand Support
  • SOP and Operations Manual and Training
  • PR for brand awareness
  • Advertising and Promotions support
  • Dedicated Brand coordinator to take care of your needs
  • Technology and MIS support
  • Social media and digital support
  • ROI and Review
  • Project setup support

Terms & Conditions:

  • The franchise fees is fixed Rs10,00,000 (Ten lakh) only.
  • Investment for 1500 sqft RS.30,00,000 (+ 10,000,00 franchise fees)
  • For 2000 Sqft 40,00,000 (+10,000,00 franchise fees)
  • F0r 2500 Sqft 50,00,000 (+ 10,000,00 franchise fees)
  • In addition to sqft (2000 per sqft) the franchise amount may be changed as per the circumstances.
  • At the time of opening the franchise Rs.5,00,000/- (Five lakhs) the investor maintains for working capital (day to day expenses) advertising and promotional expenses
  • The franchise must use the software and other applications given by the franchiser only.
  • The franchise must use AASIFE BIRIYANI MASALA & AASIFE 65 BIRIYANI MASALA for separate prize and it is the responsibility of the franchise to maintain adequate quantity of AASIFE BIRIYANI MASALA
  • The Franchise must pay the Royalty (5% on net monthly sales) on or before fifth of every month, if failed additional 1% will be imposed as fine.
  • The franchiser or any person authorised by the franchiser has full authority to visit and conduct inspection without prior notice
  • On signing the franchise agreement, the franchiser pay the full amount of Rs. 10,00,000/- as single payment.
  • The term of office of the franchise agreement is five year.
  • Prior to the opening date Franchisor shall provide initial training for Franchisee for 7 days its Mandatory.
  • Every five year the investor is bound to maintain the franchise Premises his own expenses.
  • Without the knowledge of the franchiser the franchise will not change the terms and conditions of the rental agreement ( if the building is rental one).
  • Every three months the franchise provide medical check-up for all staffs, it is mandatory, and also ensure proper dress code of all staffs as directed by the franchiser.
  • It is one of the prime duties of the franchise to uphold our brand name for the smooth and betterment of business, besides the franchise make prompt payment of all statutory dues on time
  • The Franchise must ensure the quantity, quality, of the food items before delivery, if any taste variations immediately inform to the franchiser to take necessary steps
  • Every month Franchisee clean the premises in depth with pest control methods.
  • The Franchise must furnish necessary documents, list given by the franchiser.
  • If the investor wants to terminate the franchise agreement after one year the depreciation of 25% deducted from the amount, balance amount payable 30 equal monthly instalments through bank.
  • If the investor wants to terminate the franchise agreement after two year the depreciation of 50% deducted from the amount, balance amount payable 30 equal monthly instalments through bank.
  • If the investor wants to terminate the franchise agreement after three year the depreciation of 65% deducted from the amount, balance amount payable 30 equal monthly instalments through bank.
  • If franchisee doing interior work on his own. And expenses, Increase will not be considered by Franchisor at the time of termination refund. its calculated 2000 per sqft only.
  • The Franchise always act AT MOST GOODFAITH.
  • . Any other matters as directed by the law from time to time.

Bottom line

If you intend to join Aasife Biriyani as a partner, you made the right choice. Due to the competition, opening a new restaurant is challenging in this day and age. You should absolutely try it if you have experience in the industry or if you are passionate about starting your own business. However, franchising will be your greatest alternative if your goal is to make money without any prior experience. You don’t need to worry about the sales because Aasife Biriyani has already established a solid reputation. All you have to do is sit in the store and observe how business is conducted!

So, why are you still waiting? Come join us! All the best!

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