Low-Cost Franchise Business in Chennai

Low Cost Franchises in Chennai

Do you intend to work independently and launch your own company? Are you seeking low-risk business opportunities? Since very few people have the large capital requirements to launch their own business or a franchise of a major company in the franchise market, low-cost franchise businesses are the most sought-after business models at present. These business prospects also help you achieve your goal of starting your own firm by taking into account market ups and downs.

This strategy of having many people start low-cost businesses has created a lot of new opportunities for large corporations seeking to expand through local market penetration. If you want to own a profitable business but don’t have a lot of money to invest in a costly concept, there are several low-cost business solutions accessible. Let’s discuss the best franchise business in Chennai with low investment!

#1 Joose Booster Franchise(6-13.5 lakhs)

Initial Investment: 6- 13.5 lakhs

No of Outlets: 10

JOOSE BOOSTER management is currently extending its presence through a “Franchise Owned Franchise Operated” business model throughout South India as a result of the overwhelming demand and appreciation. Businesses that can offer fresh, flavorful juices now have a huge market opportunity thanks to the increased desire for natural and healthy food options. Success in this expanding business will depend on skilled management and a dedication to ongoing innovation. This business is particularly appealing to entrepreneurs because of its low investment requirements and favorable payback times.

Why partner with Joose Booster?

The fastest-growing franchise brand is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a high-profit margin. With a tried-and-true delectable taste, you can boost traffic and sales. This franchise is a fantastic choice because of its tried-and-true unique business concept and ongoing launch of new items. This is an even better option for people searching for a fantastic franchise opportunity because of the product menu selections for year-round selling.

Joose Booster Franchise

#2 Village Milk Chai Franchise(3.5 lakhs)

Initial Investment: 3.5 lakhs

No of Outlets: 20

Village Milk Chai is one of the most well-known and dependable brands for delivering organic milk for whole families, especially children. They produce and prepare their fresh milk on their own farms. The nutritional deficiencies caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and polluted eating are filled by village farm fresh milk. Village Milk can help you become more physically fit overall. The natural sweetness of the milk tempts you to consume less sugar, so enhancing your health. Village milk is a delicious source of nutrition for children. to receive your recommended daily dose of health and well-being.

Why partner with Village Milk Chai?

Everything is adulterated these days. The real one is hard to come by. On the other hand, Village Milk Chai is incredibly pure and doesn’t contain any water, preservatives, or powder. Anyone can start this franchise because the startup costs are so minimal. You may easily launch this franchise because the necessary space is likewise modest.

Village Milk Chai Franchise

#3 Lassi n Shakes Franchise(7.5 lakhs + GST)

Initial Investment: 7.5 lakhs + GST

No of Outlets: 140+

Best Quality, Right Quantity, and Affordable Pricing are the pillars of Lassi n Shakes. You may purchase waffles, hamburgers, pizza, rolls or wraps, sandwiches, roasted fried chicken, as well as juices, smoothies, and mocktails in this little food court. Their menu has 18 categories and about 120 different food and drink items. With an average ticket price of Rs. 80 and a 60–70% gross profit margin. Lassi n Shake’s trade secret is affordable pricing, which ensures steady business throughout the year.

Why partner with Lassi n Shakes?

Lassi n Shakes is looking for dedicated businesspeople to join their strong group of franchisees as they continue their global expansion. The success of every business depends on the franchise development process, much like the technique of producing lassis. Fortunately, Lassi n Shakes, one of the most successful small-scale businesses, has found the ideal approaches for both.

Lassi n Shakes Franchise

#4 Samruddi Coffee Franchise(4.5 lakhs)

Initial Investment: 4.5 lakhs

No of Outlets: 5

The coffee that Samruddi provides is its own roast, chosen from the top beans grown around India. After years of operating profitable cafes and drive-thrus, the franchise opportunity was developed. With an emphasis on community, product, and profitability, Samruddi has a significant local business presence. All of their stores are currently profitable and operating successfully.

Why partner with Samruddi Coffee?

When starting a new company, you should have an agile plan. Samruddi Coffee is exactly what you get when you buy it. They never compromise on taste or quality, and their staff is always well-trained to provide the best support. Samruddi furthermore offers a wide range of often updated value-added services and goods. Naturally, the marketing team is always there to assist you in any way.

Samruddi Coffee Franchise

#5 MR. Burger Franchise( 6.5-17.5 lakhs)

Initial Investment: 6.5-17.5 lakhs

No of Outlets: 30

Everybody loves hamburgers these days, in the present era! In that case, why not try MR. Burger? After gaining significant experience and working with other QSR restaurants, Burger launched in March 2017 with the idea of offering a variety of menu items, including sandwiches, fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and waffles, as well as a comprehensive international cuisine.

Why partner with Mr. Burger?

At Mr. Burger, a variety of goods are available at affordable prices. They provide a variety of brands all under one roof, along with delectable and healthful new meals. All of the buns, pieces of bread, brownies, and lavas are prepared from scratch, and they also provide unique buns that aren’t seen in stores. The food and service industry’s Mr. Burger QSR and franchise operations are made to help small business owners build enduring enterprises.

MR Burger Franchise

Winding up

All of the aforementioned brands cost less than 10 lakhs. The following brands are accessible to anybody looking to launch a business! They are low-cost franchises with high profits. There are many low-cost franchise opportunities in Chennai, including those in retail, education, cafes, health care, entertainment, and other industries. Even the most affordable franchise may grow and become a profitable enterprise. Why don’t you try it then? Best wishes!

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